About Us

 The Healing Pod site was created to help people find relief from various pains and conditions… read on to find out more about what we can offer you.

We provide SAFE, Drug Free Therapies for people who are looking for alternatives to “over the counter” medications.
We’re bringing on NEW products, books and therapies all the time to help in the most important areas of your life..

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We offer alternative products, therapies, books and courses to help you navigate through life and  deal with any pain, stress and anxieties without over the counter medication.

We want to help you relieve physical pains, such as:

Muscle and Joint pain, Neck pain and Insomnia, Headaches and Backaches, Travel Sickness and Nausea, Anxiety and Stress

The Super Powerful Healing Pod & Healing C.D. are amazing tools to relieve your Stress or Pain.

We often find that physical problems can be linked to your thoughts, such as problems from the past or things that you tell yourself, or  side effects or reactions to over the counter drugs, we certainly don’t suggest you stop any medication that you’re currently taking without first speaking to your doctor…

…but we do suggest looking into other therapies and products that could help you to cope naturally, we have some very powerful products that will help you discover the real problems that may be affecting your health and happiness…and the reason why your body and mind are out of tune.

We offer you a balance of mind and body solutions…