Are You Neglecting Your Own Needs?

By Janice White

January 29, 2021

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In this day and age, our attention is constantly getting pulled in a million different directions at once. Our jobs, friends, and family all expect a lot from us and, more often than not, we heap the heaviest expectations upon ourselves. This often leads to increased stress, worsened physical and mental health, and a weakened feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We give and we give until there’s little to nothing left. We neglect our own needs, pushing ourselves to sacrifice sleep for work, our happiness for that of others, and our precious time.

So, how to prevent this or stop it once it’s started?

In this article, we’re going to help you take charge of your life and stop neglecting your own needs.

Signs You’re Neglecting Your Own Needs

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If you have a pattern of sacrificing for others, making sure everyone else’s needs are met before your own, sometimes at the cost of your own, you’re neglecting your own needs on a regular basis.

Similarly, if you find yourself constantly feeling in desperate need of a break, fatigued, weakened, and drained, you’ve likely been neglecting your needs.

How to Stop

If you’ve noticed the above is true of you, it’s time you start taking care of yourself. For many in this position, it’s difficult to start putting themselves first occasionally and often feels selfish.
We’re here to assure you that taking care of your own needs is not, in fact, selfish. Think about the safety videos you watch on airplanes; you have to secure your mask before you can help someone else, because if you’re not safe and perish, how can you help anyone?

The same is true of your own health and basic needs: how can you expect to help others if you’re weakened and drained? You have to take care of yourself.

Start putting yourself first every once in a while. Don’t take on as many responsibilities when you need a night off to recharge. Take a pass on cooking on a night when it seems like a daunting or even impossible task. Say no when you truly don’t have the time or the ability to stretch yourself any thinner.

How to Prevent This from Happening


If you’re lucky enough that this hasn’t become an issue for you yet, be proactive in preventing it from happening. Take care of yourself; ensure you’re relaxing some each day, eating well, getting exercise, going to the doctor regularly, etc.

Making time for indulging yourself with a massage is excellent for re-charging your batteries... Remember, you're worth it!

When you need a break, take it. When you’re already stretched thin, tell someone no; it’s okay to not take on more than you can handle just to help someone out.

The best and most important way you can prevent this from happening is listening to your body. If you find yourself overly stressed, overworked, or emotionally exhausted, allow yourself time to relax and recharge. You don’t have to kill yourself for your career and you aren’t the only one that could help the person asking.

It’s important to take care of yourself

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Our attention is constantly getting demanded from and pulled in a million different directions. Between all our technology, social media, constant news updates, demanding careers, and instant gratification, we can’t get a distraction-free moment for ourselves.

We tend to put all these things first, before our own health and needs, resulting in our slow downfall. It’s okay and even necessary to put yourself first on occasion. You’re able to do more and better work for your boss, friends, or family when you’re at your best.
Take charge of your life and stop neglecting your own needs today.

Make YOURSELF your Number 1 Priority!

Janice White

About the author

Janice White developed the healing pod to provide pain and stress relief to sufferers in a compact, portable device with no cables.

Her aim was to help sufferers relieve physical and emotional pain, such as Muscle and Joint Pain, Neck Pain and Insomnia, Headaches and Backaches, Travel Sickness and Nausea, Anxiety and Stress.

The Super Powerful Healing Pod & Healing CD are the tools you need to relieve your Stress or Pain.

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